Arashiyama, Western Kyoto

Bamboo Grove

The famous bamboo grove, it’s best to get here early if possible when there are less people around as it can get crowded during the day.  There are no open or close times, or entrance fees.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove



Tenryuji is one of the most important Zen temples in Kyoto and has UNESCO world Heritage status.  Founded in the 1,300’s by the Ashikaga Shogunate it was dedicated to the Emperor Go-Daigo.

Tenryuji in Arashiyama



Saihoji, also known as Kokedera or the Moss Temple has UNESCO world Heritage status.  Admission is restricted and requires a reservation to be made in advance.  If you want to visit here, let us know and we’ll get it arranged.

Saihouji, the famous moss garden with World Heritage Status



Located close to Tenryuji it is especially popular during the autumn.



Okochi Sanso Garden

A peaceful garden located near the end of the bamboo path. The admission fee of JPY1,000 seems to deter most of the smart phone wielding droves outside.  It is worth the entrance fee and you can fully enjoy it properly without the crowds.



Adashino Nenbutsu Temple

A great spot, within walking distance from the main attractions of Arashiyama




Preserved area in northern Arashiyama, we visit here on our Crimson Leaf Tour each November when the leafs are ablaze!