Mt. Koya, Koyasan


On the way up from Gokurakubashi



Okunoin Graveyard in the mist

The ancient graveyard of Okunoin where some of the biggest names in Japanese history rest including Kobo Daishi, the founder; residing in deep mediation in preparation for return.




Okunoin in autumn

Autumn starts early in Koyasan, but what a sight it is.



Jizo statues

Protectors of the souls of children





Shojin Ryori

The local vegetarian dish served at the temple accommodation in Koyasan known as shojin ryori. Delicate tastes and textures to mediate upon the unique experience.  If you don’t want / can’t sit on the floor, a seat and table can be provided!





The Graveyard at night

No visit to Koyasan can be complete without a walk around Okunoin Graveyard at night.  It’s quiet and atmospheric.



…and some things go bump in the night..





Heading back to the hustle and bustle.

The journey back to Osaka starting with the funicular.